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Single Three Thread Fleece Circular Knitting Machine

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Three Thread Fleece  Circular Knitting Machine

Machine Features

1.Wire Race Bearing Design improves the machine running precision  and reduce impact resistance.

2.Using Aluminume Alloy on main parts of the cam box is more lighter, and has a great advantage in heat dissipation.

3.Stitch Adjustment and high-precision Archimedes Adjustment.

4.With Central stitch system,higher accuracy,simple structure,more easier operation.

5.Using high-end materials in the industry and imported CNC machineing,to make sure the precision of each component operation

and meet the requirements of fabrics.

6.Can use different yarn materials,surface yarn,bottom yarn,loop yarn three yarns for one group makes a good loop side.

7.JINGHE brand three thread fleece circular knitting machine interchange series can be coverted into Single Jersey circular knitting machine

and Terry Circular knitting machine by replacing the conversion kit.

Three thread fleece circular knitting machine

circular knitting machine        three thread fleece knitting machine     

Three thread fleece circular knitting machine  circular knitting machine

Technical Data




Wooden box package is our standard & recommended packing, and the machine will be in sealed status. If export to european countries,the wooden material will be fumigated. For remoted countries, we suggest to use vacuum package.

three thread fleece knitting machine

In recent years, with the continuous improvement of people's pursuit of comfort, clothing materials have also begun to receive more attention. In this context, single-layer three thread fleece circular knitting machines have emerged. Its appearance not only makes our clothes softer and warmer, but also provides us with a higher quality wearing experience.

What is a single layer three thread fleece circular knitting machine? Simply put, it is a special knitting machine that uses a single layer three thread technology, combining cotton yarn, smooth spinning yarn, and yarns of different thicknesses. Through high-tech processing technology, the surface of the fabric forms a rich and soft fleece surface. This fleece surface has strong moisture absorption and warmth retention properties, making it suitable for winter wear and particularly suitable for outdoor activities.

So, what are the advantages of a single layer three thread fleece circular knitting machine?

Firstly, it has good insulation performance. The fine plush fleece of the fleece surface can form an air layer, effectively isolating the loss of cold air and body temperature from the outside world, allowing us to stay warm even in the cold winter.

Secondly, the single-layer three-line brushed circular knitting machine also has excellent moisture absorption. The human body produces a large amount of sweat during exercise, and this fabric can quickly absorb sweat from the body and evaporate it, keeping the interior of clothing dry.

At the same time, it also has characteristics such as softness, comfort, and difficulty in pilling, which can bring us a more comfortable wearing experience. In addition, it also has advantages such as non deformability and durability, making our clothes more durable.

Single layer three thread fleece circular knitting machine is not only used in clothing, but also widely used in outdoor fields. For outdoor enthusiasts, this fabric of clothing is an indispensable equipment. Whether it's hiking, skiing, camping or other activities, we all need a comfortable and warm clothing to protect us from the invasion of the cold environment.

It is worth mentioning that the single layer three thread fleece circular knitting machine is also environmentally friendly. It adopts the technology of recycling and reusing textile waste, reducing the burden on the environment and in line with the concept of sustainable development.

Overall, the single layer three thread fleece circular knitting machine provides us with a higher quality clothing choice. In the pursuit of comfort and warmth today, it has become a must-have choice for many people's winter wardrobes. Whether it's for daily wear or outdoor activities, this fabric of clothing can bring us a comfortable, warm, and fashionable experience. I believe that with the continuous progress of technology, single-layer three thread fleece circular knitting machines will have broader application fields.

Three thread fleece circular knitting machine    circular knitting machine

three thread fleece knitting machine    Three thread fleece circular knitting machine


circular knitting machine

Delivery time:

Basic Machine:30-35days

Jacquard Machine:45-50days

Cusomized Machine: 50days or More(depends on different situations)

Payment: TT or L/C is acceptable

After Sale Service

* Training how to install the machine, training how to use the machine. 

* Engineers available to service machinery overseas.

Application Area: Vest, T-shirt, Polo shirts, functional sportswear and underwear or seamless clothes(small size).

Applicable Yarn Materials: cotton, synthetic fiber, silk, artifical wool, mesh or elastic cloth.

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