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Single Terry Circular Knitting Machine

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Single High Speed Circular Knitting Machine

Product description:

● 1.The cylinder seat is to prevent the bottom of the machine from spilling oil on the fabric. Both the large plate and the yarn feeder transmission gear box adopt oil-immersed design, which improves the stability, reduces noise and the influence of the fabric due to braking. The new large plate and large plate gear system can better support the long-term load impact of high tension and high load.

● 2.Powerful air dust fan and rotating nozzle can further enhance the dusting effect. Cam base can reduce batt accumulation. We have solved the problems that may occur under high-speed production for customers in advance。

● 3.The machine with 4 track production ordinary plain fabric and organization fabric, which are used in sports fabrics and casual clothing. Besides . from thick gauges to fine gauges; from small diameters to big diameters; from common fabric to bedding fabric ; from high-volume single yarn weaving to multi-spraying .and that can be equipped with open-width system and high-rolling frame . All of the above can be produced by this model to satisfy the various needs of different customers

 Terry Machine

Single Circualr knitting machine                                    Heart of Circular knitting machine

circular jacquard scarf knitting machine        Terry Knitting machine     

CNC machinging center                                                    Digital controlled lathe

Terry Machine  circular jacquard scarf knitting machine

Technical Data


Let's understand the characteristics of single sided terry knitting machines. It adopts a single sided working method, which means that during the knitting process, only one side of the knitted fabric will form a loop effect, while the other side remains smooth. This design not only increases the comfort of the fabric, but also gives the product a higher sense of fashion. Whether it's sweaters, hats, or bedding, they can all present unique textures and artistic effects through a single side terry knitting machine, making people love them.

In addition, the single sided terry knitting machine is also very flexible in use. It can adjust the size, shape, and density of the terry according to the needs of the designer, achieving a more refined weaving effect. Regardless of the type of fabric, the single sided terry knitting machine can handle it effortlessly. Moreover, through the intelligent control system of the machine, one machine can achieve automatic switching of multiple weaving effects, fully unleashing the creativity of the designer.

In addition, the single sided terry knitting machine also has excellent performance in production efficiency. It adopts high-speed rotating needle plates and advanced weaving technology, which can complete knitting operations at a faster speed and ensure product quality and accuracy. For the fashion industry, this means higher production efficiency and faster delivery cycles. At the same time, the single sided terry knitting machine also has intelligent reminder and fault alarm functions, ensuring the stability and smoothness of the production process, providing reliable guarantee for the continuous development of the enterprise.



Wooden box package is our standard & recommended packing, and the machine will be in sealed status. If export to european countries,the wooden material will be fumigated. For remoted countries, we suggest to use vacuum package.

Terry Knitting machine

Delivery time:

Basic Machine:30-35days

Jacquard Machine:45-50days

Cusomized Machine: 50days or More(depends on different situations)

Payment: TT or L/C is acceptable

Assembly workshop                                                           Cylinder workshop

Terry Machine     circular jacquard scarf knitting machine

CNC maching center                                                             Shipping goods

Terry Knitting machine      Terry Machine


circular jacquard scarf knitting machine

After Sale Service
Training how to install or use the machine

Application Area: Vest, T-shirt, Polo shirts, functional sportswear and underwear or seamless clothes(small size).

Applicable Yarn Materials: cotton, synthetic fiber, silk, artifical wool, mesh or elastic cloth.

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